Sentence Examples with the word genet

However deep, therefore, his French sympathies, he drew the same safe line as did Washington between French politics and American politics,' and handled the Genet complications to the satisfaction of even the most partisan Federalists.

The genet proper is a small white spotted cat found in Europe, but the quantity is too small to be of commercial interest.

The principal linings are as follows: Sable sides, sable heads and paws, sable gills, mink sides, heads and gills, marten sides, heads and gills, Persian lamb pieces and paws, caracul lamb pieces or paws, musquash sides and heads, nutria sides, genet pieces, raccoon sides or flanks, fox sides, kolinski whole skins, and small rodents as kaluga and hamster.

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The black are known as genet, although the true genet is a spotted wild cat.

Among the mammals that fall under this head are the common genet (Genetta vulgaris), which extends, however, pretty far north, and is found also in the south of France, the fallowdeer, the porcupine (very rare), and a species of ichneumon (Herpestes Widdr-ingtonii), which is confined to the Peninsula, and is the only European species of this African genus.

The genet and the common jackal are fairly abundant.