Sentence Examples with the word generic

But the Stoics were not slow to exalt the part of reason, which seizes upon the generic qualities, the essential nature of things.

It would be reasonable to assume that Moab, Ammon, Edom and kindred tribes of Israel in the 15th and preceding centuries were included in the generic term Habiri (or Hebrews) mentioned in the Tell el-Amarna inscriptions as forming predatory bands that disturbed the security of the Canaanite dwellers west of the Jordan.

But greater value lies in his generic or sub-generic divisions, which, taken as a whole, are far more natural than those of Linnaeus, and consequently capable of better diagnosis.

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CELT, or Kelt, the generic name of an ancient people, the bulk of whom inhabited the central and western parts of Europe.

TANNIN, or Tannic Acid, the generic name for a widely disseminated group of vegetable products, so named from their property of converting raw hide into leather.

The form of the colony may thus be a good generic character, or, on the contrary, a single genus or even species may assume a variety of different forms. While nearly all Polyzoa are permanently fixed to one spot, the colonies of Cristatella and Lophopus among the Phylactolaemata can crawl slowly from place to place.

The most widely different from the true oxen are, however, the buffaloes (see Buffalo), which have consequently the most claim to generic distinction.

Shaw's generic name, although having priority to that of Blumenbach, could not be retained, as it had been used at a still earlier time (1793) by Herbst for a genus of Coleoptera.

In addition to these, there exists in the interior of the dorsal valve of some genera a variously modified, thin, calcified, ribbon-shaped skeleton for the support of the ciliated arms, and the form of this ribbon serves as one of the chief generic characters of both recent and extinct forms. This brachial skeleton is more developed in some genera than in others.

It is confusing, but not uninstructive, to find that within the Balanid group such generic titles as Stephanolepas and Platylepas have been coined.