Sentence Examples with the word generative

Opisthosoma confluent throughout its breadth with the prosoma, with the dorsal plate of which its anterior tergal plates are more or less fused; at most ten opisthosomatic somites traceable; the generative aperture thrust far forwards between the basal segments of the 6th appendages.

Germination of the microspore begins before it leaves the pollen-sac. In very few cases has anything representing prothallial development been observed; generally a small cell (the antheridial or generative cell) is cut off, leaving a larger tube-cell.

Kaiser has described as kidneys two organs something like minute shrubs situated dorsally to the generative ducts into which they open.

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The generative organs are of the complex hermaphroditic type described in Trematoda (q.v.).

The gonads are folds of the endoderm containing generative cells, and are primitively four in number, situated interradially, but each gonad may be divided into two by the partition which separates two adjacent lobes of the stomach, that is to say, by one of the areas of concrescence between exumbral and subumbral endoderm, whence arises a condition with eight gonads which is by no means uncommon.

Is formed, which is called the mesoderm, and gives rise to the muscular and connective tissues to the vascular system, and to the excretory and generative organs.

But the generative products do not pass through the whole length of the renal tube: there is a direct opening from the pericardial end of the tube to the distal end, and the ova or sperms pass through this.

In Taxus the body-cell eventually divides into two, in which the products of division are of unequal size, the larger constituting the male generative cell, which fuses with the nucleus of the egg-cell.

During the process of fertilization in the Angiosperms it has been shown by the researches of Nawaschin and Guignard that in Lilium and Fritillaria both generative nuclei enter the embryo sac, one fusing with the oosphere nucleus, the other with the polar nuclei (fig.

The generative energy, which, when we are loose, dissipates and makes us unclean, when we are continent invigorates and inspires us.