Sentence Examples with the word generate

Since one horse was capable of doing the work required, Rumford remarked that one horse can generate heat as rapidly as nine wax candles burning in the ordinary manner.

The breath directed horizontally across the open end, impinged against the sharp inner edge of the pipes, creating the regular series of pulses which generate the sound waves within the tubes.

Under the head of physics we have the theory of the elements, of sound, heat and cohesion, and finally of chemical affinity - presenting the phenomena of material change and interchange in a series of special forces which generate the variety of the life of nature.

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In all the systems accumulators are required to maintain the light when the train is at rest or is moving too slowly to generate current.

A society with only 2 percent of the people working in agriculture has become so efficient and productive that it takes very little effort to feed everyone (and the system could generate surpluses if needs be).

The catenaries which lie beyond the two generate surfaces whose radius of curvature convex towards the axis in the meridian plane is greater than the radius of concave curvature.

His publications include Chimie appliquee a la physiologie et a la pathologie animate (1863); Traite des matieres colorantes (1867); Les Fermentations (1875), which was translated into German, Italian and English; and an excellent Traite de chimie generate in seven volumes (1880-1894).

Cecidia and Galls.Khstcr, Beitrage zur Kenntniss der Gallenanatomie, Flora (I900), p. 117; Pathologische Pflanzenanatomie (1903); Molliard, Revue generate de bat.

The rotation of that curve round OX will generate the form, of pivot required.

The Narova flows out of Lake Peipus into the Gulf of Finland at Narva; it has remarkable rapids, which are used to generate power for cotton-mills; in spite of this, the river is navigated.