Sentence Examples with the word generally

Amongst Evangelicals the spuriousness of the letters is almost generally admitted.

Especially in ancient Egypt the fibre occupied a most important place, linen having been there not only generally worn by all classes, but it was the only material the priestly order was permitted to wear, while it was most extensively used as wrappings for embalmed bodies and for general purposes.

Stock-raising is generally preferred to the growing of cereals, and in western Wales the oat crops exceed in size those of wheat and barley.

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A crime was generally suspected, and the princes de Rohan, who were relatives of the deceased, disputed the will.

Prytaneis) is generally applied specially to those who, after the abolition of absolute monarchy, held the chief office in the state.

The galleries are generally very narrow, furnished on each side with arched tombs, and communicating with family sepulchral-chambers closed originally by locked doors, the marks of the hinges and staples being still visible.

He describes the troubles that befell Prague and Bohemia generally during the reign of the weak and absentee sovereign King Louis.

It does not, however, lie within the scope of the present article to examine the various sources underlying the narrative with any minuteness, but rather to sum up those results of modern criticism which have been generally accepted by Old Testament scholars.

The species are smaller in size, and nearly all are banded on the belly, which is generally yellow, with black and scarlet, while except in two the throat of the males at least is black.

No specialized system of spermathecae, sperm reservoirs, and copulatory apparatus, as in Oligochaeta; development generally through a larval form; reproduction by budding also occurs.