Sentence Examples with the word generalissimo

To avoid these rivalries, it is thought that Cathelineau was named generalissimo of the rebels, though his authority over the undisciplined troops was not increased by the new office.

In war the latter would probably remain at the ministry of war in Paris, and the generalissimo would have his own chief of staff.

The army is under the command of the senior Chinese amban, a Tibetan generalissimo or mag-pon, and six Tibetan generals (dah-pon or de-pon).

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She obtained a grant of 700,000 a year, and hastened to bestow a pension of X100,000 on her husband, whom she created generalissimo of her forces and lord high admiral, while Marlborough obtained the Garter, with the captain-generalship and other prizes, including a dukedom, and the duchess was made mistress of the robes with the control of the privy purse.

Succeeded in 1835 by Vicente Rocafuerte, he regained the presidency in 1839, and was elected for the third time in 1843; but shortly afterwards he accepted the title of generalissimo and a sum of 20,000 pesos, and left the country to his rivals.

He had raised himself by his military talents from being a groom and private soldier to the position of generalissimo of the army.

During the disastrous Swedish War of 1643-1645 Frederick was appointed generalissimo of the duchies by his father, but the laurels he won were scanty, chiefly owing to his quarrels with the Earl-Marshal Anders Bille, who commanded the Danish forces.

Target, mayor of Paris, Lafayette generalissimo to reform the army, Louis Philippe, comte de Segur (foreign affairs), Mounier and I.

From the latter point of view - as generalissimo of the forces of Rome, he had the right to the insignia of the commander (the laurel wreath and the fasces), and to the protection of a bodyguard, the praetoriani.

Louis agreed to restore most of the fortresses he had captured and to make other concessions; a treaty was signed in 1696, and Victor appointed generalissimo of the Franco-Piedmontese forces in Italy operating against the imperialists.