Sentence Examples with the word gene

The GloFish was developed in Singapore in 1999 when Dr. Zhiyuan Gong took a gene called green fluorescent protein (GFP) from a bright green fluorescent jellyfish and inserted it into the embryo of the drab zebrafish.

The gene mutated accidently, but once noticed, breeders bred for it.

Twelve presbyteries were erected in London; Shropshire and Lancashire were organized; and Bolton was so vigorous in the cause as to gain the name of the Gene Ta of Lancashire.

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The cells were analyzed to identify each gene expressed in the cell and the levels at which each gene is expressed.

General Gene nevertheless reinforced Via and pushed forward a detachment to Saati.

My heart was beating like a Gene Krupa solo.

That is quite a gene pool you two have.

We dive into the DNA of seed and cut out something we don't like, such as a gene that slurps water greedily or attracts beetles or limits growth.

Matters came to a head in January 1887, when the Abyssinians, in consequence of a refusal from General Gene to withdraw his troops, surrounded and attacked a detachment of soo Italian troops at Dogali, killing more than 400 of them.

Fearing a new attack, General Gene withdrew his forces from Saati, Wa and Arafali; but the losses of the Abyssinians at Saati and Dogali had been so heavy as to dissuade Alula from further hostilities.