Sentence Examples with the word gender

Even distinctive forms for gender are entirely abandoned, the pronounavo signifies he, she, it.

A greater understanding of gender biases in coping is needed.

My participants and I struggled to talk about our sexuality completely outside of a gender dichotomy.

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Singularly few language groups have this peculiarity; and our own great Indo-European group, which possesses it, is distinguished from those above mentioned by having the neuter gender in addition.

I guess I was tired of looking for gender neutral pronouns.

His to look after or bring up. Gender is only sexual.

Yet she was the one who had established the gender parameters by telling him she wanted him to wear the pants.

Semitic, on the other hand, has grammatical gender as one of its basic principles.

The neuter gender is absent.

Syntax.-A qualifying adjective follows its noun, and agrees with it in gender and generally in number.