Sentence Examples with the word gem

It need scarcely be said that tiles have rather increased in value than deteriorated in the eyes of the connoisseur, that the ornamentation of metal-work, wood carving and inlaying, gem and seal engraving, are exquisite of their kind, and that the carpets manufactured by skilled workmen, when left to themselves and their native patterns, are to a great extent unrivalled.

With some regret, Gabe crushed the gem in his hand.

Indeed a horse appears on a gem impression.

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Black metalwork held the gem in place.

Many descriptions of gems and gem stones have been discovered in various parts of the Australian states, but systematic search has been made principally for the diamond and the noble opal.

She threatened to reveal the secret of his gem to his enemies, a secret recently spilled.

The gem meant something to her.

Jule was right; he owned nothing else, but the number of people who knew about the gem was limited to the Originals and Sofi.

The gem is protected by it.

Jessi fingered the gem around her neck, troubled.