Sentence Examples with the word gear

While the engine in gear is coiling in its rope and drawing the plough towards itself, the rope of the other engine is paid out with merely so much drag on it as to keep it from kinking or getting ravelled on the drum.

They are of two kinds: (I) those in which the motive power and lifting gear are self-contained on the crab; and (2) those in which the motive power is placed in a fixed position.

Change into the mosquito gear and come on out.

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Illustrations of these gears are given in the article Steam Engine, and the complete distribution of steam for both forward and backward running is worked out for a typical example of each of them in Valves and Valve Gear Z1 ecl.cnisms by W.

No race at all, it would seem, except the Jews, has ever been able to regard a man's death as the end of him; and except in the higher forms of Christianity the dead are everywhere supposed to need the same sort of food, equipment, tenement and gear which they enjoyed in life, and to molest the living unless they obtain it.

When the hand-wheel is thrown out of gear the sights can only be moved by means of the elevating gear of the gun.

Once the festival was underway, this would be the prime area for gear demonstration.

The rotation of the cam shaft continues till the cam has again heaved up the flitch-plate, when the pinion on the cam shaft is thrown out of gear with the wheel on the counter shaft, and the cam remains steady till another charge of coal is dropped into the hopper and the action is renewed.

They both crawled into the tent and pulled in the gear behind them just as the last of the day was fading.

The worm and hand-wheel are thrown into and out of gear by means of the clutch t.