Sentence Examples with the word gazette

Franklin's work as a publisher is for the most part closely connected with his work in issuing the Gazette and Poor Richard's Almanack (a summary of the proverbs from which appeared in the number for 1758, and has often been reprinted - under such titles as Father Abraham's Speech, and The Way to Wealth).1 Of much of Franklin's work as an author something has already been said.

He was educated privately and at Trinity College, Cambridge, afterwards becoming a war correspondent for the Pall Mall Gazette during the Austro-Prussian War of 1866.

So soon as the budget was passed he once more tendered his resignation, and on the 14th of July a special edition of the Imperial Gazette announced that it had been accepted by the emperor.

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The first newspaper, the Gazette (a weekly), was established in 1811 and became the Commercial, a daily, in 1835.

Franklin wrote a paper on the causes of earthquakes for his Gazette of the 15th of December 1737; and he eagerly collected material to uphold his theory that waterspouts and whirlwinds resulted from the same causes.

Kossuth's letters were so excellent that they were circulated in MS. among the Liberal magnates, and soon developed into an organized parliamentary gazette (Orszagyulesi tudositasok), of which he was editor.

It was followed by the South African Quarterly Journal (1829-1834), the Cape of Good Hope Literary Gazette (1830-1833), edited by A.

He wrote many articles, however, in the gazette Nepbardtja, an organ of the Magyar government, and served in the field as a national guard for eight or ten weeks.

Before the arrival of Macquarie schools and churches had been erected, a newspaper, the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, had been started, and attempts had been made to acclimatize the drama.

The QfJicial Gazette did not announce that fact until three months after the demise of the sovereign.