Sentence Examples with the word gaze

Her gaze went again to the pool of blood, then to the thick swath of red marking the trail of the dead man.

A glance towards Darian showed his intense gaze on her, not the vamps surrounding them.

Finally that soft chocolate gaze came back to her.

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Kris.s gaze was amber, a visual indicator of his anger despite his calm features.

Jenn's voice was hushed, her gaze growing penetrating.

He reached out and traced her jaw with an index finger, his gaze becoming sultry.

The medic gave him a worried look as he passed, and Brady's gaze went again to the wounded soldier.

Her gaze blurred, and hot moisture burned down her cheeks.

Jenn turned the assessing gaze on him again then flashed a smile.

His gaze swept over her body, lingering on her breasts, and she wished she'd stopped by the locker room to pull on a shirt instead of racing to get away from Darian.