Sentence Examples with the word gay

Swift and Gay speak slightingly of him, - the former, it is true, at a time when he was only known as a party pamphleteer.

Boron fluoride BF 3 was first prepared in 1808 by Gay Lussac and L.

The gay triumphant shouting of the enemy army had a stimulating effect on him.

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It was a gay and brilliant fete.

Maybe they'd question it less if he'd stop trying to pick up pretty men at gay bars.

London was then gay with pageants, but when the queen made known her intention of marrying Philip of Spain the discontent of the country found vent in the rising of Sir Thomas Wyat, and the city had to prepare itself against attack.

Its gay plumage is matched by its sprightly nature; and together they make it one of the most favourite cage-birds among all classes.

The close relations that prevailed between the reigning houses of Portugal, Provence and Aragon, cemented by intermarriages, introduced a knowledge of the gay science, but it reached Portugal by many other ways - by the crusaders who came to help in fighting the Moors, by the foreign prelates who occupied Peninsular sees, by the monastic and military orders who founded establishments in Portugal, by the visits of individual singers to court and baronial houses, but chiefly perhaps by the pilgrims who streamed from every country along the Frankish way to the far-famed shrine of Santiago de Compostela.

TO MISS CAROLINE DERBY New York, December 29, 1895. ...Teacher and I have been very gay of late.

During the age of Anne various Augustan poets in whom the lyrical faculty was slight, from Congreve and Richard Duke down to Ambrose Philips and William Somerville, essayed the epistle with more or less success, and it was employed by Gay for several exercises in his elegant persiflage.