Sentence Examples with the word gauze

It is sufficient to look at wire gauze backed by the sky or by a flame, through a piece of blackened cardboard, pierced by a needle and held close to the eye.

In many cases gauze strainers were at first employed, and, as an improvement upon or addition to these, the water was caused filtratio n.

The disk 32 operates the wire gauze screens for equalizing the brightness of the two stars under observation.

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Another form of sensitive jet is very easily made by putting a piece of fine wire gauze 2 or 3 in.

Iron anodes are suspended around the cathode, and between the two is a cylinder of iron gauze at the bottom with a sheet-iron continuation above, the latter being provided with a movable cover.

The vehicle contained a roll of gauze and Dean bound his own stiffening leg after spreading a disinfectant on the oozing abrasion.

The effect of thus alternately forcing high-pressure steam among the sand, and of discharging high-pressure water contained in the sand into the well, is to break up any cohesion of the sand, and to allow all the finer particles in the neighbourhood of the orifice to rush out with the water through the wire gauze into the well.

A saturated solution (1 in woo of warm water), thymol gauze and an ointment are used.

The countess was to wear a claret-colored velvet dress, and the two girls white gauze over pink silk slips, with roses on their bodices and their hair dressed a la grecque.

This envelope should be of solid metal; a cage made of fine metal wire gauze which permits objects in its interior to be seen will yet be a perfect electrical screen for them.