Sentence Examples with the word gaur

Among the most formidable animals known is the wild buffalo or gaur which is of great size, strength and fierceness.

As a contrast to the Ahmedabad mosques, the Kadam Rasul mosque at Gaur in Bengal possesses some characteristics which resemble those of the mosque of Tulun in Cairo, possibly due to the fact that it is entirely built in brick, with massive piers carrying pointed arches.

To complete this sketch of India at the time of Baber's invasion it remains to say that an independent Mahommedan dynasty reigned at Ahmedabad in Gujarat for nearly two centuries (from 1391 to 1573), until conquered by Akbar; and that Bengal was similarly independent, under a line of Afghan kings, with Gaur for their capital, from 1336 to 1573.

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The gaur or wild ox is found at the base of the hills.

A second group of the genus Bos is represented by the IndoMalay cattle included in the sub-genus Bibos (see Bantin, Gaur and Gayal); they are characterized by the more or less marked flattening of the horns, the presence of a well-marked ridge on the anterior half of the back, and the white legs.