Sentence Examples with the word gauntlet

Only survived five years at Utrecht, and it was reserved for Heinrich Regius (van Roy) - who in 1638 had been appointed to the new chair of botany and theoretical medicine at Utrecht, and who visited Descartes at Egmond in order more thoroughly to learn his views - to throw down the gauntlet to the adherents of the old methods.

I wouldn't throw down the gauntlet with him, Gerry said with gravity.

The government decided not to take up the gauntlet thrown down by the Peers, but to proceed with the rest of their political programme.

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On the 4th of September, after weeks of fruitless negotiation, the king-emperor threw down the gauntlet by reinstating Jellachich in all his honours.

Ms. Nightingale murmured a room number and motioned down a hall crowded with bodies like the day after Gettysburg while white-coated figures strolled among the moaning, clip boards in hand With wide-eyed Fred following behind, Dean ran the gauntlet until he found the room, a small office packed with five men and a lot of smoke, three of them in Philadelphia Police uniforms.

Then for three days separate portions of the French army--first Murat's (the vice-king's), then Davout's, and then Ney's--ran, as it were, the gauntlet of the Russian army.

Two viceroys, earlier wooers, were burned to death by her orders for their impertinence, and she refused the hand of Olaf Trygvessiin, king of Norway, rather than submit to baptism, whereupon the indignant monarch struck her on the mouth with his gauntlet and told her she was a worse pagan than any dog.

In 1858 he threw down the gauntlet against the State in his pamphlet on the rights of the Catholic Church in Germany.