Sentence Examples with the word gauge

Even if she wasn't Death anymore, she could gauge just how bad things were.

The Merchandise Marks Act 1887 makes it an offence also to apply in trade a false description, as to the number, quantity, measure, gauge or weight of goods sold; and this Act appears to reach offences that the Weights and Measures Acts may perhaps not reach.

The steam pressure in the heater may be periodically varied by the gauge in such a manner as to produce an approximately simple harmonic oscillation of temperature at the hot end, while the cool end is kept at a steady temperature.

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The Paris line is built with the standard gauge of 4 ft 82 in., but its tunnels are designedly made of such a small crosssection that ordinary main line stock cannot pass through them.

They are nearly always placed transversely, across the direction of the lines, the longitudinal position such as was adopted in connexion with the broad gauge on the Great Western in England having been abandoned except in special cases.

The commercial importance of such free interchange of traffic is the controlling factor in determining the gauge of any new railway that is not isolated by its geographical position.

His tone was unassuming, but his gaze was intent, as if he were trying to gauge if she recognized him or not.

Medical science has never gauged, perhaps never enough set itself to gauge the intimate connexion between moral fault and disease.

The gauge is broken at Mendoza, the Buenos Aires and Pacific having a gauge of 5 ft.

These extensions, and the alteration of gauge to that of the Argentine North-Eastern, were carried out mainly at the cost of the Argentine government, which acquired a controlling interest in the Paraguay Central.