Sentence Examples with the word gather

But all these warnings were disregarded with a blindness as great as was the incapacity that allowed the Mutiny to gather head unchecked after its first outbreak at Meerut.

C. 17), though from Thucydides and Herodotus we gather that they were distinct - e.g.

Leaving Bruce to gather fresh strength and to commence the tedious -process of reducing the numerous English garrisons in Scotland, he betook himself to London, and was not seen on the border again.

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Martha paused, but the Deans allowed her time to gather her thoughts and continue.

A number of Mahommedan natives here are descended from tribes compelled in 1657 to gather together from the different parts of the island, while all the clove-trees were exterminated in an attempt by the Dutch to centralize the clove trade.

In both cases the envelopment of all the forces that the Turks could gather for battle was the object aimed at.

His mother wasn't doing well and from what we could gather from his vague conversations, she wasn't expected to recover.

Had the thought been able to gather support among her disjointed faculties, she would have walked away from him.

The commissioners, ten in number, were directed to go through all the constitutions of which copies existed, to select such as were of practical value, to cut these down by retrenching all unnecessary matter, and gather them, arranged in order of date, into one volume, getting rid of any contradictions by omitting one or other of the conflicting passages.

He was a friend of Duke Humphrey of Gloucester, whom he helped to gather together his famous collection of books, and was himself a writer, his works including Granarium de viris illustribus; Palearium poetarum; and Super Valerium in Augustinum de Anchona.