Sentence Examples with the word gateway

Simple fibrous narrowing of the gateway of the stomach or of the intestine is dealt with by dividing it longitudinally and then suturing the edges of the wound transversely.

One of the followers of Fitzhamon settled at Barry about the end of the 11th century, building there a castle of which only a gateway remains.

Of the first the Tudor gateway opens upon Chancery Lane.

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The gateway between worlds is barely holding up.

On Elephantine Island are an ancient nilometer and other remains, including a granite gateway built under Alexander the Great at the temple of the local ram-headed god Chnubis or Chnumis (Eg.

It has extensive remains of fortifications of the 13th century, the most remarkable feature of which is the Porte de Laon, a gateway flanked by massive towers and surmounted by a fine a,partmmt.

A granite gateway to the temple of Khnflm at Elephantine bears his name in hieroglyphic, and demotic documents are found dated in his reign.

Before your battle with the Other in Ireland, there was only one gateway open.

Ahmar (on left bank of Euphrates); large stela with sculpture and long relief inscription, found in 1908 with several sculptured slabs and two gateway lions, inscribed in cuneiform.

The Cossacks and Dolokhov galloped after Petya into the gateway of the courtyard.