Sentence Examples with the word gastropoda

The Lamellibranchia are no longer regarded as a distinct branch in contrast to the remaining Mollusca; according to Pelseneer they are allied to the Gastropoda and Scaphopoda, all three classes being derived from a common hypothetical ancestor, called Prorhipidoglossum.

As thus purified by successive advances of embryological research, the Mollusca were reduced to the Cuvierian classes of Cephalopoda, Pteropoda, Gastropoda and Acephala.

On the other hand, Boas and Pelseneer have shown that the Pteropoda have nothing to do with the Cephalopoda, but are Gastropoda modified for a pelagic life; they are therefore now united with the Gastropoda.

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The nervous system resembles that of Gastropoda and Lamellibranchia.

In the larvae of several Gastropoda and Lamellibranchia occur excretory organs which have the characters of true nephridia.

As in other Gastropoda Anisopleura, this shell-sac may abnormally develop a plug of chitinous matter, but normally it flattens out and disappears, whilst the cap-like rudiment of the permanent shell is shed out from the dome-like surface of the visceral hump, in the centre of which the shell-sac existed for a brief period.

In many Gastropoda the eyes are not thus sessile but raised upon special eye-tentacles (figs.

In Polyplacophora there are eight on each side (8.I.8); in Scaphopoda two on each side (2.I.2); in almost all Cephalopoda three on each side (3.I.3); in Gastropoda the number varies very much in different subdivisions.

The gill-lamellae of Patella are processes of the mantle comparable with the plait-like folds often observed on the roof of the branchial chamber in other Gastropoda (e.g.

Even among some Gastropoda (viz.