Sentence Examples with the word gardening

Market gardening is a considerable industry, and large quantities of vegetables are raised under glass for the Boston markets.

So far as practical gardening is concerned, feeding by the roots after they have been placed in suitable soil is confined principally to the administration of water and, under certain circumstances, of liquid or chemical manure; and no operations demand more judicious management.

Dairy-farming and gardening are on the increase.

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The principal manufactures of the township are cotton and woollen goods (especially corduroy), and market gardening is an important industry.

Baker's Handbook of Amaryllideae (1888); see also Nicholson, Dictionary of Gardening (1886); and J.

Kishinev is the seat of the archbishop of Bessarabia, and has a cathedral, an ecclesiastical seminary with Boo students, a college, and a gardening school, a museum, a public library, a botanic garden, and a sanatorium with sulphur springs.

Market gardening and fishing are the main industries.

Finally, there are numerous horticultural societies, large nurseries and gardening schools at Stockholm, Alnarp and elsewhere, and botanical gardens attached to the universities of Lund and Upsala.

It has a cathedral, being an archiepiscopal see of the Orthodox Greek Church, a school of gardening and sericulture, a public library, and a few distilleries, tanneries and oil works.

In very recent years gardening has become an interest of importance, particularly in the province of Pinar del Rio.