Sentence Examples with the word garden

Grass had already begun to grow on the garden paths, and horses and calves were straying in the English park.

But it was now impossible for any German to control the Garden of the Empire.

Perfect orbicular webs are made by many genera of Argyopidae (Zilla, Meta, Gasteracantha), the best-known example being that of the common garden spider of England, Aranea or Epeira diademata; but these webs are not associated with any tubular retreat except such as are made under an adjoining leaf or in some nook hard by.

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The collection of trees in the Botanic Garden at Cambridge is also one of respectable proportions.

The Speedwell family, containing many ornamental members; all the hardy species are of the easiest cultivation in ordinary garden soil.

Maritima is sometimes planted as an edging for garden walks; there are three varieties, the common pale pink, the deep rose, and the white, the last two being the most desirable.

The botanist Jungermann had plant houses at Altdorf in Switzerland; those of Loader, a London merchant, and the conservatory in the Apothecaries' Botanic Garden at Chelsea, were among the first structures of the kind erected in British gardens.

A rather elusive warbler in the trees in the garden turned out to be Blyth's Reed.

In diameter, and bear in the axil a solitary, stalked, white flower, about the size and shape of the garden anemone, with six or more petals and twice as many hypogynous stamens.

In 1709 he became professor of botany and medicine, and in that capacity he did good service, not only to his own university, but also to botanical science, by his improvements and additions to the botanic garden of Leiden, and by the publication of numerous works descriptive of new species of plants.