Sentence Examples with the word garbled

This latter alleged prophecy was one of a series of forgeries to which Charles Hindley, who reprinted in 1862 a garbled version .of Richard Head's Life, confessed in 1873.

But if Moray could knowingly submit garbled evidence, Morton's oath is of no value if uncorroborated.

The famous correspondence produced next year in evidence against her at the conference of York may have been, as her partisans affirm, so craftily garbled and falsified by interpolation, suppression, perversion, or absolute forgery as to be all but historically worthless.

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Eliot Hodgkin), and are seen to have been considerably garbled by Danby for the purposes of publication, several passages being obliterated and others altered by his own hand.

Above all, he now, being comparatively secure in position, engaged much more strongly in public controversies, and resorted less to his old labyrinthine tricks of disavowal, garbled publication and private libel.

Though garbled in several places by the imperial commission appointed by Napoleon III.

A Wood, with additions by the Rev. Sir Peshall (1773, 4to; the text is garbled and the editing very imperfect).