Sentence Examples with the word garbage

Her clothing from the Sanctuary was in a garbage can.

There is, of course, no sewerage system, the surfaces of the streets serving that purpose, and what garbage and refuse is not consumed by the dog scavengers washes down into the Tigris at the same place from which the water for drinking is drawn.

The municipal garbage plant (destructor) collects and reduces to fertilizer 200 tons of garbage per day.

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The city is also one of the filthiest in the East, as there are no means of drainage or sewerage, and garbage of every description lies in heaps in the open streets.

I thought you left some garbage and I burned it.

She got a large garbage bag out of the house and went back up to the deer carcass.

The streets as originally laid out were wide and spacious, but being unpaved and undrained they were no better than mud tracks diversified by piles of garbage and foul-smelling stagnant pools.

Especially if he buys the garbage Shipton is selling.

One guy from Iowa came along with some garbage bags and saved a billion lives.

He dumped the rest in the garbage disposal and turned it on, returning a few minutes later with the other bottles.