Sentence Examples with the word garage sale

Once again he reached behind his seat, this time pulling out a child's red polka-dot umbrella, no doubt another garage sale bargain.

He began by selling some of his numerous mystery novels on a book finder's web site, then expanded to garage sale scouring for items of dubious value.

Even his customary perusal of the newspaper garage sale listings were peppered with comments about keeping his eyes peeled for baby clothes.

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The clothing Martha brought with her was made up of a rag-tag collection of cast-offs that made most garage sale clothes look like they'd been purchased in a boutique.

Looks like this chore is going to cut into your garage sale and auction time.

Dean was about to ask him if his nineteen-fifties sweater came from the same garage sale as the skis but he proceeded directly to the parlor.

Fred O'Connor strolled back to the room, his platter replenished, the garage sale section of the newspaper tucked beneath his arm.

I bought 'em at a garage sale right down the street.