Sentence Examples with the word gangway

The settlement of Sutz, one of the largest in the Lake of Bienne, extends over six acres, and was connected with the shore by a gangway nearly roo yds.

Wide, supported on piles, and having a gangway built on faggots connecting it with the land.

Thick in the bottom of a gangway 12 ft.

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The river is crossed by three bridges, the old, the new (1872-1875) Kaiserbriicke, and the railway bridge, with a gangway for foot passengers.

With his snow-white new ivory leg braced against the screwed leg of his table, and with a long pruning-hook of a jack-knife in his hand, the wondrous old man, with his back to the gangway door, was wrinkling his brow, and tracing his old courses again.

The central gangway is about 3 ft.