Sentence Examples with the word game

In fact, I was so afraid of him that I was not game enough just then to address him, and demand a satisfactory answer concerning what seemed inexplicable in him.

The game consisted almost entirely of strategy, and it was dark outside before she realized how long she'd been at it.

Of game there are the roe, stag, boar and hare; the fallow deer and the wild rabbit are less common.

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There were a great many things she'd let him do to her to win the game in her head.

Among the rodents there are hares, marmots, beavers, squirrels, rats and mice, the last in enormous swarms. Of the larger game the chamois and deer are specially noticeable.

Whatever game Xander played, it wouldn't benefit the Guardians.

His official duty is to mark the game on the scoring card when the leader announces the result.

The introduction into England of the game of golf is traditionally placed here in 1608, and attributed to King James I.

She frowned, wondering when someone would explain the rules of this game to her.

Mansel tried (1858) to play Pascal's game on Kantian principles, developing the sceptical side of 'Kant's many-faceted mind.