Sentence Examples with the word gallows

For centuries, they exercised the power of life and death; a stone stands where the gallows were formerly erected, and indicates that here they exercised jur y regalia.

Though the jury found no witch-marks on his body he was convicted and executed on Gallows Hill, Salem, on the 19th of August, the only minister who suffered this extreme fate.

Perhaps I was over sensitive to such impressions at the time, but I could not help staring at this gallows with a vague misgiving.

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The reaction came suddenly in Salem, and in May 1693 Governor William Phips ordered 1 There is nothing but tradition to identify the place of execution with what is now called Gallows Hill, between Salem and Peabody.

Kennington Common, now represented by Kennington Park, was the site of a gallows until the end of the 18th century, and was the meeting-place appointed for the great Chartist demonstration of the 10th of April 1848.

The name Tyburn (q.v.) was notorious chiefly as applied to the gallows which stood near the existing junction of Edgware Road and Oxford Street (Marble Arch).

The Old Hall, or manor house of the Asshetons, remains in an altered form, with an ancient prison adjoining, and the name of Gallows Meadow, still preserved, recalls the summary execution of justice by the lords of the manor.

In time the villages dependent on a chartered city, as they grew to be towns themselves, fotight for, and in many cases won, emancipation, which they then sought to have confirmed by the king and proceeded to symbolize by setting up their own gallows in the market-place.

The usual barbarities practised upon him after he had been cut down from the gallows were inflicted on a body from which all life had already fled.

Moody represented to Mr Stratford Canning that the boy, although full of promise, was on the high road to the gallows under the evil influence of Reddish.