Sentence Examples with the word gallon

In the United Kingdom the excise duty is eleven shillings per proof gallon of alcohol, while the customs duty is eleven shillings and 5' g fivepence; the magnitude of these imposts may be more readily understood when one remembers that the proof gallon costs only about sevenpence to manufacture.

Of Gallon Head in Lewis.

To him it was nothing more than bringing home a gallon of milk or a sack of feed.

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The old English wine gallon of 231 cub.

In addition to the scenery, we have a million gallon hot spring pool run by the town.

Each gallon of their waters contains about 28.5 cub.

Area, a pipe discharging 13 gallon of water per minute at 165 lb pressure per sq.

Say a business makes widgets, and one of the by-products of making a widget is a gallon of mildly polluted water.

A table which indicates the weight per gallon of spirituous liquors for every degree of Sikes's hydrometer is printed in 23 and 24 Vict.

For use on ordinary water-meadows, however, not only is very clear water often found to be perfectly efficient, but water having no more than a few grains of dissolved matter per gallon answers the purposes in view satisfactorily.