Sentence Examples with the word gallina

Only a single line of passes characterizes the main ridge, and amongst them are the passes of 0111ta (15,026 ft.), Penas Negras (14435 ft.), Pircas Negras (13,615 ft.), La Gallina (16,240 ft.), Tres Quebradas (15535 ft.), and Aguita (15,485 ft.).

Cap. 2) distinguishes the Meleagris from the Gallina Africana or Numidica, the latter having, he says, a red wattle (palea, a reading obviously preferable to galea), while it was blue in the former.

This would look as if the Meleagris had sprung from what is now called Numida ptilorhyncha, while the Gallina Africana originated in the N.