Sentence Examples with the word gallic

It may be obtained artificially by heating gallic acid with phosphorus oxychloride or dilute arsenic acid (cf.

After Rome had been weakened by the Gallic invasion (390) Praeneste joined its foes in a long struggle with Rome.

There were the true indigenous Thracians and also Celtic tribes such as the Treres in the early period, the Getae and Trausi later, and the Gallic Scordisci in Roman days.

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He was also author of prose Lucubrationes and perhaps of an epic poem on Caesar's Gallic wars (Pragmatia Belli Gallici).

The name is taken from that of a Gallic tribe, the Cadurci, and was applied to a small district watered by the Dordogne, the Lot and the Tarn.

Like the Gallic Druids, they recited their laws in a kind of sing-song to prevent their being forgotten, a practice still in existence in the days of Aristotle (Problemata, xix.

In the last years of his life he returned to the vegetable acids, and investigated citric, malic, oxalic and gallic acids.

The first treats of the mythic history of the nonHellenic, and afterwards of the Hellenic tribes, to the destruction of Troy; the second section ends with Alexander's death; and the third continues the history as far as the beginning of Caesar's Gallic War.

This power is possessed alike by a glass of brandy, by solution of lime, soluble salts of zinc, copper, or silver, by tannic and gallic acids, as well as vegetable juices and extracts which contain them.

From tannic acid is also made gallic acid, which resembles tannic acid but has no astringent taste.