Sentence Examples with the word galley

He had been taken prisoner by Dragut, who made him row for a year as a galley slave till ransomed.

She'd avoided the galley Evelyn had tried for three days to drag her to and said it would prove they were on a ship after she challenged Evelyn to prove it wasn't a dream.

Today she wanted to see the window to space in the galley Evelyn wanted her to see.

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Ali Pasha was slain and his galley taken.

After the defeat of the Spanish Armada, Don Pedro's galley was brought into Torbay; and William, prince of Orange, landed at Torbay on the 5th of November 1688.

The Cantonalists, who were largely galley slaves and deserters, seized the important harbour of Carthagena and the ships in.

A few minutes later in Uncle Sally's Galley on Butler Street, Fred was hiding behind his menu, embarrassed to be out in public before shaving.

However, an empty pint of Jack Daniel's on the galley table made the observation somewhat less credible.

In an action with a galley of the Knights of Saint John, then established at Rhodes, Elias was killed and Arouj taken prisoner; the latter was ransomed by a Turkish pasha and returned to the sea.

The product is then distilled from Stourbridge clay retorts, arranged in a galley furnace, previously heated to a red heat.