Sentence Examples with the word gallant

A gallant detachment (Alpini and details of the Etna brigade), finding retreat impossible, held out for days on Monte Nero till the battle had gone far to the W., and all their food and ammunition were gone.

The messenger, however, was unable to penetrate to the spot; and the advanced guard, consisting of a detachment of the 31st, two companies of the 78th, one of the 35th, and De Rolls egiment, with a picquet of dragoons, the whole mustering 733 men, was surrounded, and, after a gallant resistance, the hurvivors, who had expended all their ammunition, became prisoners of war.

He again obtained the thanks of parliament for his gallant services, and was made a K.B.

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Another expedition of Abyssinians, under Dejaj Tasamma and accompanied by three Europeans - Faivre (French), Potter (Swiss) and Artomonov (Russian) - started early in 1898, and reached the Nile at the Sobat mouth in June, a few days only before Major Marchand and his gallant companions arrived on the scene.

The gallant Louis and his younger brother Henry both lost their lives.

Against the small but gallant bands of Totila and Teias he had adopted the policy of rapid marches and imperative challenges to battle.

It is from these works that our knowledge of the gallant deeds of the English and other explorers of the Elizabethan age is mainly derived.

Nor were the numerous gallant attempts to capture the all-important ridge of Monte Tomba-Monfenera, which ran down from the Grappa massif to the Piave, more successful in breaking through the thin Italian lines.

At the battle of Shiloh Sherman's gallant conduct gained him promotion to majorgeneral.

The event showed that while their defeat in 1868 had taught them despondency, it had not taught them wisdom; it was still in their power to make a gallant fight by nominating a person for whom Republican reformers could vote.