Sentence Examples with the word gall

The gall of Cecidomyia strobilina, formed from willow-buds, is mainly a rosette of leaves the stalks of which have had their growth arrested.

There seems no reason to doubt the St Gall MS., which states that the law had its origin in an agreement between the great Alamannic lords and Duke Landfrid, who ruled the duchy from 709 to 730.

The lower (caudal) part of the furrow-like outgrowth remains hollow and forms the gall bladder.

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Before the end of the 9th century a monk of St Gall drew up a chronicle De gestis Karoli Magni, which was based partly on oral tradition, received from an old soldier named Adalbert, who had served in Charlemagne's army.

The numerous galls on the oakbut the gall itself furnishes well adapted protection and abundant stores of nutriment to its particular larva, and often appears to be borne without injury to the plant.

The gall is cup-shaped, and its outer surface is crumpled and covered with small warts and hairs.

He was banished and forcibly removed from his monastery, and with St Gall and others of the monks he withdrew into Switzerland, where he preached with no great success to the Suebi and Alamanni.

As regards the mode of production of galls, the most important distinction is between galls that result from the introduction of an egg, or other matter, into the interior of the plant, and those that are due to an agent acting externally, the gall in the latter case frequently growing in such a manner as ultimately to enclose its producers.

There are light railways from Appenzell to St Gall either (122 m.) past Gais or (202 m.) past Herisau, as well as lines from St Gall to Trogen (6 m.) and from Rorschach to Heiden (4 4 m.).

To the left of the gall bladder is the quadrate lobe, which is in contact with the pylorus of the stomach.