Sentence Examples with the word galaxy

The dhjan had known nothing but war for over half his life, since exiled with his sisters to the tiny moon across the galaxy from his home of Anshan.

We have hidden on this moon in an unoccupied galaxy since.

First in order of date among the current monthly magazines comes the New York Harper's New Monthly Magazine (I 850),the earliest existing illustrated American serial, then the Boston Atlantic Monthly (1857), with which was incorporated the Galaxy (1866) in 1878, famous for its editors Lowell, Howells and T.

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He met the gaze of his only ally, Jetr, a man from a distant galaxy who had been an ally of Anshan for three generations.

This is the galactic plane, well known from the fact that it is marked in the sky by the broad irregular belt of milky light called the Galaxy or Milky Way.

He hoped things were more peaceful out in the galaxy that here at Bird Song.

This apparent relation of the lucid stars to the Galaxy was first pointed out by Sir W.

But it is necessary to make a careful distinction between the galactic plane and the Galaxy itself; the latter, though it is necessarily one of the most remarkable features of the universe, is not the only peculiarity associated with the galactic plane.

He'd be obsessed with her, stalk her to the ends of the galaxy as long as he lived.

And its consequent accessibility, there arose a galaxy of scholars under whose influence the archaic style and the ancient Japanese traditions entered a period of renaissance.