Sentence Examples with the word gala

The gala was well underway by 7:30.

I would like to thank you all for attending our gala this evening.

Sarah brought Elisabeth up to speed about the Halloween gala and asked if she would like to help plan it.

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Unyoro has played rather an important role in the past (unwritten) history of Equatorial Africa as being the region from which the ancient Gala (Hamitic) aristocracy, coming from Nileland, penetrated the forests of Bantu Africa, bringing with them the Neolithic civilization, the use of metals, and the keeping of cattle.

It is situated on Gala Water, within a short distance of its junction with the Tweed, 332 m.

Jackson felt it poetic justice that their gala should benefit the organization that supplied blood to the masses.

It is usually of white cotton, and has the opening or gala in front, at the back, or on either side indifferently.