Sentence Examples with the word gage

It put to sea, and by hugging the wind gained the weather gage of the French adventurer.

The gas gage registered three quarters of a tank.

General (Sir) William Howe, who succeeded Gage in the chief command in October, and Generals (Sir) Henry Clinton and John Burgoyne were sent out at once with reinforcements.

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July Early Transparent Gage b.

Meanwhile the preparations for war had been continued, and on the 1st of June Austria flung down the gage by declaring her intention of submitting the whole question of the duchies to the federal diet and of summoning a meeting of the Holstein estates.

In October 1774, when General Gage refused recognition to the Massachusetts general court at Salem, the members adjourned to Concord as the first provincial congress.

Thomas Gage Under the Constitution.

Here he was attacked by Sir John Gage with a thousand men, but he repulsed them and reached Ludgate without further opposition.

In 1892 President Cleveland, after his second election, offered Gage the post of secretary of the treasury, but the offer was declined.

I believe Gage is in love with me, a simple emotion for a woman, Ne'Rin said.