Sentence Examples with the word g

The attack was opened by Gisbert Vo g t, foremost among the orthodox theological professors and clergy of Utrecht.

The handle D, acting through the gear wheels E, F, G and H, turns the cogwheel K, which moves the curved rack of the cradle and tips the crucible M.

One class g g of polyps, the dactylozoids of branching in the Plumularia-type; (dz), lose their mouth and compare with fig.

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He was now sixty-four, and his life had been a continuous experience of exhausting Temporary p g retirement.

To give an idea of what can be done in this way, it may be stated that gold can be beaten out to leaf of the thickness of - j g - mm.; and that platinum, by judicious work, can be drawn into wire 2?o o mm.

Lh), which in the present orthography is written ii as in Castilian, but formerly used to be represented by iy or yl (Iletra, Ii t e r a iiengua, 1 i n g u a).

On the eve of the Revolution, France was enjoying the study of the institutions of Greece in the attractive pages of the P g Voyage du jeune Anacharsis (1789), but the study of Greek was menaced even more than that of Latin.

Y g Y g infinite or causes, correlative and reciprocally finite, to which absolute.

If a mass of M grammes be placed in the earth's field at a place where the acceleration of gravity has a value g centimetres per second, then the mechanical force acting on it and pulling it downwards is Mg dynes.

The town was governed until the 19th century by two bailiffs, chosen annually at a court le g it of the royal manor o Wimborne borough, part of the manor of Kingston Lacy.