Sentence Examples with the word futility

While he penned dissertations on the futility of fame and the burden of celebrity he was trimming his sails to catch the breeze of popular applause.

To effect this end the United African Company was formed in 187 9, and trade was pushed upon the river with an energy which convinced the French firms of the futility of their less united efforts.

It is quite easy to exhibit the futility of such a conception if understood formally for the practical purposes of moral philosophy.

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The Boers were at last convinced of the futility of any attempt to prolong the struggle, and on the 23rd of March the representatives of the Boer governments came into Pretoria.

It was not till 1829, when the result of the elections had proved the futility of Villele's policy of repression, that Charles consented unwillingly to try a policy of compromise.

A lb would be deferred until after the study of logarithms. The psychological treatment recognizes the fact that the concrete precedes the abstract and that the abstract is based on the concrete; and it also recognizes the futility of attempting a strictly continuous development of the subject.

It was a lesson intended to teach the Netherlanders the utter futility of opposition to the will of their lord.

But Egmont depends for its interest almost solely on two characters, Egmont himself and Klarchen, Gretchen's counterpart; regarded as a drama, it demonstrates the futility of that defiance of convention and rules with which the Sturm and Drang set out.

Hodges testifies to the futility and injurious effects of these regulations.

These words show the futility of ascribing to Adam's account Columbus's knowledge of lands in the West, as many overzealous advocates of the Norse discoveries have done.