Sentence Examples with the word fusiform

If the roots are examined numerous fusiform swellings are found upon the smaller rootlets.

Shell fusiform and solid, aperture elongated, columella folded; no operculum; eyes on sides of tentacles.

The coloring matters are not dissolved in the stroma of the chrornoplast, but exist as amorphous granules, with or without the presence of a protein crystal, or in the form of fine crystalline needles, frequently curved and sometimes present in large numbers, which are grouped together in various ways in bundles and give the plastids their fusiform or triangular crystalline shape.

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Fl B C A v, rise to little fusiform parasites; with growth, these gradually assume the adult appearance.

Each fertile pinnule bore six, or rarely seven fusiform microsporangia, described as bilocular: not improbably each may represent a synangium.