Sentence Examples with the word fury

Abandoned since 495 - for Kasyapa was eventually slain during a battle fought in the plain beneath - it has, on the whole, well withstood the fury of tropical storms, and is now used again to gain access to the top. When rediscovered by Major Forbes in 1835 the portions of the gallery where it had been exposed for so many centuries to the south-west monsoon, had been carried away.

We have, however, sufficient Theories of evidence that they were used as places of refuge from the use of the fury of the heathen, in which the believers - the cata- especially the bishops and clergy, who would naturally combs.

Although the heavy rain was holding off, there was a feeling it was only a matter of time before the full fury hit.

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The three boats, in the first fury of the whale's headlong rush, bumped the German's aside with such force, that both Derick and his baffled harpooneer were spilled out, and sailed over by the three flying keels.

At Franklin Schofield had to accept battle, and thirteen distinct assaults on his works were made, all pushed with extraordinary fury and lasting far into the night.

But during the night the fury of the wind increased to such a degree that it thrilled us with a vague terror.

Cold fury replaced the regret, and he knew he'd do anything to keep her from danger.

He had never felt such a blinding combination of fury and terror as he did in those few moments before she ran.

There had been an intention of holding some mock trial of Riccio, but the fury of the crowd overcame them: Riccio was dragged from Mary's table and fell under more than fifty dagger wounds.

She hesitated then reached for him, her cool touch soothing the fury in his blood.