Sentence Examples with the word furtive

And with a furtive glance at his son's face, the count went out of the room....

He watched her furtive glances, waiting for the signal to approach.

In connexion with this work it must be remembered that Vambery could write down but a few furtive notes while with the dervishes, and dared not take a single sketch; but the weird scenes, with their misery and suffering, were so strongly impressed on his memory that his, book is convincing by its simplicity, directness and evidence of heroic endurance.

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I was sure she was searching for information on Julie O'Malley, in spite of Martha's objections as she gave furtive glances toward her coworker's office.

The records showed furtive criminal activity.

The student's furtive behavior sounds alarm bells for Mickey.

She gave a furtive look at the deserted shops on the opposite side of the road.

His furtive eyes and jutting chin capture the two sides of the man: a craven, clever bully.

Enjoy the furtive imagination of Mel Gibson.