Sentence Examples with the word furious

She watched, and then stalked out, furious and frustrated.

In the first months of his tenure of office he had to deal with the furious opposition to Wood's halfpence, and to counteract the effect of Swift's Draper's Letters.

Gabriel rose, furious once more, and began to pace.

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She was furious and so hurt, she wished she'd jumped into the Grand Canyon like she originally planned.

Irritated by the concessions made by Alexius to the Pisans in II II, and furious at the revocation of her own privileges by John Comnenus in 1118, the republic naturally sought a new outlet in the Holy Land.

The news was false, but Charles, furious at such apparent duplicity, took Louis prisoner, only releasing him, three days later, on the king signing a treaty which granted Flanders freedom from interference from the parlement of Paris, and agreeing to accompany Charles to the siege of his own ally, Liege.

None of them were able to move in stealth mode, like Jessi-the-Natural lying breathless and furious beneath him.

As soon as the words were out, she was furious with herself for revealing something personal.

She rubbed her temples and issued a challenging glare to the contents of the pantry, furious once more she could eat none of the wonderful things it held.

Then when she learned about Tessa's son, she was furious because he might inherit - even though I hadn't said anything to father.