Sentence Examples with the word funny

That's the funny thing, Fitz.

If anything funny happens, bring her in, straight to my headquarters outside of Tucson.

The funny thing about Jonny stripping your powers: we're on even ground.

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But I've got to tell you, it looks pretty funny to see this many suits and uniforms in Ouray on the same day.

When I subsequently talked with her she said: I have something very funny to tell you.

At dinner the conversation did not cease for a moment and seemed to consist of the contents of a book of funny anecdotes.

I thought I was gonna need funny hats and party favors for the celebrating going on around here.

Xander was surprised to find he didn't give a shit how funny they found it that he was openly claiming Jessi.

Perhaps you would like to read those funny verses.

The funny thing is, they're creeping up to the wrong food bowl.