Sentence Examples with the word funicular

To the north-west of Bienne two funicular railways lead up to Evilard (or Leubringen) and Macolin (or Magglingen), both situated on the slope of the Jura.

A funicular railway runs from the Korn-Markt up to the level of the castle and thence to the Molkenkur (700 ft.

When this process of replacement is complete, each terminated side of the funicular is the seat of two forces which neutralize one another, and there remain only two uncompensated forces, viz., those resident in the first and last sides of the funicular.

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Above sea-level, strongly fortified by the Venetians, and the new town (Citta Bassa) below, the two being connected by a funicular railway.

Draw a parallel through P to meet the sides of the funicular which correspond to OA, OB in the points H, K.

Among these are many funicular cog-wheel lines, climbing up to considerable heights, so up to Marren (5368 ft.), over the Wengern Alp (6772 ft.), up to the Schynige Platte (6463 ft.), and many others still in the state of projects.

Below Les Avants) there is a funicular railway from Vevey up the Mont Pelerin (3557 ft.) to the north-west.

Hence the necessary and sufficient conditions of equilibrium are that the force-polygon and the funicular should both be closed.

Two miles north-west of the town lies the Neroberg (800 ft.), whence a fine view of the surrounding country is obtained, and which is reached by a funicular railway from Beausite, and 6 m.

A climate station is established on the hill of Brunate (2350 ft.) above the town to the E., reached by a funicular railway.