Sentence Examples with the word funds

It also formerly enjoyed certain spiritual powers for the reduction of the obligations imposed by Fabric pious legacies and foundations, the objects of which, for of St want of funds or any other reason, could not be fully carried out, and for the condonation of past omission of such obligations, e.g.

Notwithstanding the offices he had filled he died poor, and provision had to be made for his daughter out of the funds of the state (Val.

He was chiefly instrumental also in founding the Loyal and Patriotic Society of Upper Canada, which raised funds for the relief of the wounded and the assistance of the widows and orphans of the slain.

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The fact that a voluntary society with limited funds must contest the illegal decisions of local councils, without government support, seems likely to render this portion of the act of 1908 a dead letter.

Up till 1908 it had been generally assumed that the constitution required the treasurer of the Commonwealth to hand over to the states month by month whatever surplus funds remained in his hands.

Of other scientific institutions we may mention the observatory on Vesuvius, which is supported entirely by funds from the government, but is annexed informally to the university.

Universities have been established at Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart, and are well equipped and numerously attended; they are in part supported by grants from the public funds and in part by private endowments and the fees paid by students.

It remained, however, to find the funds needful for the equipment of a great expedition.

On his recovery he found his private affairs in some confusion, and he was at the same time deeply indebted to the government for public funds which had been lost through the mismanagement or dishonesty of a confidential clerk, and for which he was responsible as district-attorney.

The funds of the college, arising from lands and the fees of students, are managed solely by the provost and seven senior fellows, who form a board, to which and to the academic council the whole government of the university, both in its executive and its legislative branches, is committed.