Sentence Examples with the word funding

Jefferson merely had exaggerated fears of a moneyed political engine, and seeing that Hamilton's measures of funding and assumption did make the national debt politically useful to the Federalists in the beginning he concluded that they would seek to fasten the debt on the country for ever.

Did they want to acquiesce in a funding arrangement which excludes a majority of teacher education institutions from support for research.

Under the provisions of the funding loan of 1898 a scheme for the withdrawal of the paper money was carried into effect, and by the end of December 1906 the amount in circulation had been reduced from 788,364,614 2-milreis (the outstanding circulation 31st August 1898) to 664,792,960 2-milreis.

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He always wanted to bike in the mountains but we had trouble enough funding two weeks vacation on the Jersey shore with the Rileys.

He also took a leading part in the senate in securing the passage of laws for funding the national debt, assuming the state debts and establishing a United States bank.

After the close of the war efforts were first directed to clearing the financial situation by funding the floating debt, and taking steps (never fully consummated) towards contracting the currency.

There was ambivalence shown toward funding partnerships.

The Council can also provide advice about a funding opportunity.

Madison now opposed Hamilton's measures for the funding of the debt, the assumption of state debts, and the establishment of a National Bank, and on other questions he sided more and more with the opposition, gradually assuming its leadership in the House of Representatives and labouring to confine the powers of the national government within the narrowest possible limits; his most important argument against Hamilton's Bank was that the constitution did not provide for it explicitly, and could not properly be construed into permitting its creation.

In 1895 an arrangement was made for a reduction of the rate of interest, for the funding of the arrears, and for the creation of a sinking fund.