Sentence Examples with the word funded

Though the first constitution provided for the assumption of a part of the Virginia debt, negotiations opened by Virginia in 1870 were fruitless, and in 1871 that state funded two-thirds of the debt and arbitrarily assigned the remainder to West Virginia.

I find it is funded by corporations, do-gooders, trust funds, individuals, and off shore ghost entities... unfortunately, too many names to pursue each and every one.

She'd spent the past four hundred years in college, gleefully learning more and more and working out of the lab he'd funded for her.

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Rarely in history has a government wrested away a functioning, privately funded solution in favor of a government entitlement.

The facility was funded in part by the city's recreation department, whose funds were, for the most part, generated from the highly profitable hot spring pool that operated year around at the edge of town.

In addition to the indebtedness of the national government, the individual states have also incurred funded debts of their own.

I saw funded air fare fly out the window.

But his idea certainly was that his friars should not only practise the utmost personal poverty and simplicity in their life, but that they should have the minimum of possessions - no lands, no funded property, no fixed sources of income.

The funded debt was then gradually reduced until the last installment was paid in 1903.

Exclusive of payments on funded and floating debts.