Sentence Examples with the word fumes

Potassium nitrate is chiefly used to make nitre paper, which on burning emits fumes useful in the treatment of the asthmatic paroxysm.

Mosquitoes in the house may be destroyed by the fumes of burning sulphur or tobacco smoke.

Hyponitrous acid is formed by passing nitrous fumes into its methyl alcohol solution.

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An instant before, Stubb had swiftly caught two additional turns with it round the loggerhead, whence, by reason of its increased rapid circlings, a hempen blue smoke now jetted up and mingled with the steady fumes from his pipe.

The preparation gives off dense fumes which afford great relief to the asthmatic paroxysm.

It fumes strongly in moist air, giving hydrochloric acid and phosphoryl chloride, POC13; with water it gives phosphoric and hydrochloric acids.

On the morning of the 29th of September 1902 Zola was found dead in the bedroom of his Paris house, having been accidentally asphyxiated by the fumes from a defective flue.

It fumes strongly in air, and does not attack glass.

The fouling of the air that results from the steam-engine, owing to the production of carbonic acid gas and of sulphurous fumes and aqueous vapour, is well known, and its use is now practically abandoned for underground working.

The fluorine, which is liberated as a gas at the anode, is passed through a well cooled platinum vessel, in order to free it from any acid fumes that may be carried over, and finally through two platinum tubes containing sodium fluoride to remove the last traces of hydrofluoric acid; it is then collected in a platinum tube closed with fluor-spar plates.