Sentence Examples with the word fulminate

Fulminuric acid, (Hcno) 3, obtained by Liebig by boiling mercuric fulminate with water, was synthesized in 1905 by C. Ulpiani and L.

The use of mercuric fulminate as a detonator dates from about 1814, when the explosive cap was invented.

It is to be distinguished from silver fulminate (see Fulminic Acid).

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P. 1351) found that cryoscopic and electric conductivity measurements showed sodium fulminate to be NaCNO.

Mercuric fulminate is less explosive than the silver salt, and forms white needles (with 2H 2 O) which are tolerably soluble in water.

Jowitschitsch (Ann., 1906, 347, p. 2 33) inclines to Scholl's formula; he found that the synthetic silver salt of glyoxime peroxide resembled silver fulminate in yielding hydroxylamine with hydrochloric acid, but differed in being less explosive, and in being soluble in nitric acid.

A charge of compressed wet guncotton may be exploded, even under water, by the detonation of a small primer of the dry and waterproofed material, which in turn can be started by a small fulminate detonator.

In 1900 Bielefeldt found that a fulminate placed on top of an aromatic nitro compound, such as trinitrotoluene, formed a useful detonator; this discovery has been especially taken advantage of in Germany, in which country detonators of this nature are being largely employed.

So late as the 11th century Bishop Burchard of Worms thought it necessary to fulminate against the excesses connected with it (Decretum, xix.

To this problem there was added another in about the third decade of the 19th century - namely, to determine the manner in which the atoms composing the radical were combined; this supplementary 'requisite was due to the discovery of the isomerism of silver fulminate and silver cyanate by Justus von Liebig in 1823, and to M.